International Entrepreneurs Association


                                  A brief message fom David Selley Founder and CEO,

We want you to get REAL VALUE from your membership. Below are 29 reasons why!.

Let’s face some facts: Most people belong to clubs, organization, associations and also may have a car, health and life and property insurance. My question to you is VERY simple.

What benefits do you get from these memberships and coverage that actually change your life for the better?

Here at IEA we know that you have a real opportunity to get the help you need to develop your million dollar idea or service concept that could change the world. Maybe even a book you have been dreaming about writing or a product you have invented or have dreamed about.

Within IEA you will find an abundance of resources to explore your ideas with experts from around the world including me.

We are different because we are need driven, not greed driven. We are affordable, proactive locally, nationally, and internationally. With our worldwide net work of Executive Directors we are ready, willing and able to assist you.

Our goal is to HELP you!  Here are your membership benefits.