Guinness Record (Attempt)

By David Selley

Have you ever wondered what it is that inspires someone to try to establish some kind of a record? Is it a DNA connection? Is it ego? Is it passion driven, or simply for self satisfaction, and personal fulfillment of achieving something no matter how insignificant or trivial BUT, never the less, a record of some description. Records are not just in the domain of entrepreneurs but the likelihood of a competitive spirit which translates in to action certainly is. I would like to share with you how this upcoming record came into being and I guess any project with well over a million words deserves mention.

A few short years ago when our grand sons enjoyed my bedtime stories I would deliberately embellish some of the keys points and then one night there was a turning point when the oldest said, Papa! You have told us that story before why don’t you write all your stories down in a book that we can read someday. To be honest I was stunned because I had often ached to know about the real lives and the nitty gritty of my parents and grand parents but due to wartime circumstances and family issues I was denied the benefits of grand parent role modeling. As a kid I would go to my grandmother’s farm in England for summer holidays and that only lasted for a few years. My wife had the same experience so we decided right then and there to write all our stories down for posterity so that, interested or not, future generations would at least have the benefit of a written record about their distant relatives.

With that writing project well underway and in typical entrepreneurial style I decided to enlarge the scope of the writing project which by that time had grown into several potential books. Then one day I had this flash of inspiration. Why not do something the grand kids could boast about for generations. After all my great, great, great grandfather was apparently the world champion clay pigeon shooter.

After some soul searching and planning I decided that the best way to set a record would be with the famous Guinness World Record organization. After some research I discovered some very interesting things about this fascinating and world famous business. Apparently there are well over 40.000 records covering so many categories. You can choose a category or attempt a new one which is what I am doing effective January when I shall attempt to be the oldest author to publish the most books in one year. This takes a lot of strategic planning and of course the discipline to actually do the production ( writing) . Never the less it is well underway and whether the record is established or not it is going to involve a 20 country and 50 city book signing tour starting with the first book which is quite naturally titled PAPA #1 The Entrepreneur which will be available January 1st 2017. The total number of books to be published is a closely guarded secret to confuse any competition but you can see a small sampling of the books and titles on the next page.