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David Selley, Founder and CEO

David Selley

Founder and CEO

Hawaii, USA

Born and educated in England, David is a Professional Speaker, author and an intrepid entrepreneur. He majored in Economics at the University of British Columbia, and spent 25 years in sales and marketing senior management’s positions at Revlon, Helena Rubinstein, Lancôme  and Charles of the Ritz.

The second career of David, as an entrepreneur, led him to own several successful businesses. He is a graduate of the Mark Victor Hansen and the Robert Allen Enlightened Millionaire program He was inducted into the Enlightened Millionaire Institute Hall of Fame and is a popular guest on radio talk shows and TV in the United States. He has been married to his wife Sonja for 50+ years, has two children and four grandchildren and lives in beautiful Hawaii.

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David Selley
CEO International Entrepreneurs Association

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